A Collision of Souls

There are times in our lives when we realize that we are smack in the middle of something big. Sometimes the realization is gradual, sometimes it’s a slap in the face. Which ever it is when you realize it, it can be humbling.

Unbeknownst to me when diagnosed with ALS was the orbit I was being propelled into.

This disease has brought so many incredible, brave and inspiring humans into my personal bubble. How could I have gotten so lucky to be in such amazing company. These people run the gambit from pALS, cALS, family, friends, Dr’s, nurses, researchers, advocates and beyond. One common thread connecting all… ending ALS.

Collectively we collide, generating energy that propels each of us on our quest. A quest to vanquish, or at the least tame this beast, ALS. Souls bestowed with weapons unique to each: Knowledge, Empathy, Resourcefulness, Strength, Sacrifice, Tenacity, most of all Love for others. With these weapons it is possible to accomplish our quest.

We fight this beast with every ounce of energy, often to exhaustion; always with our last breath. Does this deter us? NO, it does not, it emboldens us and those surrounding us. I am humbled to be in your company every single day.

Let’s collide! Let’s generate so much energy that ALS has no where to hide. A collision of souls, unified with a single goal in mind…

Obliterate ALS!


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