ALS… what is that?

ALS, what is that, isn’t it some old person disease?
Didn’t it get cured after the ice bucket challenge?
No it’s that disease that scientist had, right, Stephen something?
Nah it’s genetic, you only get it if it runs in the family, right?

What do you think? Which statement above is true and which is not?

  1. It has not been cured, in fact there are two medicines that slow it down (not by much), but no cure.
  2. Stephen Hawking, Lou Gehrig are synonymous with ALS.
  3. 90% of cases are random, RANDOM, the remaining are or can be genetic (familial ALS).
  4. It can strike anyone, at any age, any race. Fact: Juvenile ALS has been recently created as a category, why? Children are developing ALS.

ALS does not discriminate, it strikes every race, every socioeconomic category; however it effects Veterans twice as much as the civilian population.

Some notable individuals who have passed of ALS:
Lou Gehrig (MLB)
Stephen Hawking (Scientist)
Sam Sheppard (Actor/playwright)
Stephen Hillenburg (Spongebob creator)

There are quite a few athletes afflicted by ALS, Veterans, First Responders and so on. When someone passes of ALS, you don’t normally hear of it unless it’s a celebrity. Typical of a nation consumed with celebrity idolatry, we mainline any and all news regarding celebs. So as hundreds pass of ALS in a given week, you won’t hear of it, unless the person was of notoriety. I would like to share a few whom I’ve encountered that are notable to me and their families.

J.t. Inocencio
Andre Williams Sr.
Dr. Walter Root
Rex Roberts
Magie Caballero
Greg Kenoyer

The individuals above personally touched my life as examples of persons Living with ALS. Inspiring me and compelling me to honor them by living life fully. Their memories live on in their families hearts and in mine.

Remember ALS doesn’t give a single fu*# about status, wealth, power or influence. ALS takes who it wants, when it wants.


One comment

  1. Joanna · January 15, 2022

    YES! My paternal grandfather passed of ALS in 1974. Add Clarence Gottberg, who touched my life personally. Blessings on you!


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