ALS Life… I’m melting

A fellow pALS once shared their frustration with ALS, saying that they felt as though they are melting away.

In a way they’re not wrong; most pALS experience a heightened metabolism due to muscle breakdown. So we are melting, sort of. However this applies metaphorically also.

Our families see us slowly, some quickly, disappear right before them. For those suffering dementia, well sadly they or who they were disappears long before their body does. This in and of itself is a true curse for the entire family.

ALS having no true treatment, let alone a cure, can’t be stopped from reaching it’s inevitable conclusion. Like trying to hold water in our hands, physical attributes simply slip through our grasp. Each molecule of water representing a function, as it slips through our fingers. Leaving a trail of “us”, followed by the tears of our loved ones.

Essentially our bodies are melting away. Visible to others by way of our gaunt physique, as we become a shadow of what we used to be. This disappearing act with our families as our audience, culminates as a one time performance, no encore.

With this in mind, give it your best, overact–go over the top, live loud! Before all that’s left is but a puddle…

(Dedicated to the Cranbrook Community Theater, Tuesdays With Morrie)

One comment

  1. Joanna · January 13, 2022

    Yes, live aloud! Talk so the nosebleed section call hear! Put the makeup on with a heavy hand.


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