ALS Life… Driven too live

Regardless of the rate of your ALS progression there is one aspect that all of us dread when it comes.

No longer driving.

Noooooo! You said that “D” word!

We all dread giving this one skill and privilege up. The thing we dreamt and fought for, begged our parents for. The liberating act of hitting the road, going wherever the blacktop takes you.

I will confess my family had to force me to stop driving. Even though I had a modified van. The last bastion of independence, so we believe. I do miss it a great deal though. Let’s be entirely honest with ourselves, there comes a moment when it’s simply not safe to wield a hurtling mass of steel.

But my legs are still strong.

The car is modified so that I can still drive.

My reflexes are not effected.

It matters not what we believe, it matters that it is documented in your medical records, Diagnosis: ALS.

That’s it! Nothing else is a valid argument on your (pALS) part.

Dems the facts folks.

Can you with certainty state that your ALS will not affect your ability to safely drive.

Answer: NO

ALS has no consideration, it takes without warning or care. Yes it requires the use of your arms, legs, spacial awareness and healthy reflexes. However ALS can compromise and betray us without warning. A yawn can cause a total body spasm, contorting our bodies.
Limbs can cease to function mid use. Our own saliva can throw us into an uncontrollable wracking coughing fit.

Can you really take the risk? Should you?

As difficult and painful as giving this up is, it has to happen. For your safety, your families safety and the public’s safety.

Don’t risk it, don’t give ALS the satisfaction.

Now you have to be driven to live with ALS.

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