A New Prescription for ALS

Existing medical practice in the treatment of ALS has been, and please excuse my bluntness; “go home, be comfortable and die”.

For too long this “prescription” has been the standard. Yes it is a stark reality that this in fact is our prognosis. As a community, as patients, as individuals, we deserve better. Slowly this mindset is changing, slowly.

It’s time for a new prescription!
A prescription that doesn’t require refills, one that has positive side effects. This prescription is approved and endorsed by 5 out of 5 pALS/cALS.

This prescription is a compound, comprised of several elements:
Self Care

This prescription is administered PRN (as needed). It does not require approval, co-pays or even a trip to the pharmacy. Regular doses have been known to cause effects such as: Hope, Empathy, Smiles, Joy, Laughter, Heightened Sense of Adventure, Compulsive Behavior that may lead to living out loud. Should you experience these effects, “Don’t Worry Be Happy”.

This compound does not require FDA approval, not that they would. This prescription does not work effectively for individuals with the following conditions, (have been known to have delayed or no response): Severe Grumpyness, Intense Stubbornness, Chronic Selfishness and General Bad Mood. **Additional doses may be required for the above conditions.

Have you had your dose of Love today?

(Juan Reyes)

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