It’s Not Your Fault…

I’ve noticed many comments about feeling guilty for some caregivers regarding their loved ones. This is for you…


It’s not your fault…

My ALS is not your fault, so don’t take that burden on. Neither is my personal outlook regarding this disease; good, bad or indifferent. I do know that my affect effects our daily life and that of our family. To be honest you are my anchor in this tumultuous see called ALS. Even when the waters are calm, ALS has left us rudderless.

This fear that consumes me, let’s be honest, I can’t put into words, so it manifests in other ways. For this I ask for your patience and daily forgiveness. Some days the fear is a beast that I unknowingly unleash on you.

Let me end by saying this: I can not endure this without you or your love. Your ability to see through the fear and still perceive my love for you is a testament to your kind soul, THANK YOU!

You see none of this is your fault, it simply happened. But I’m thankful for you.

(Juan Reyes)

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