ALS… Long run day

ALS is taking my body, one nerve at a time. It started with uncontrollable twitches. An EMG reflected a symphony of indistinguishable static to me, but to the neurologist… a familiar dirge. Since then it continues to take one muscle fiber after another due to motor neuron death causing atrophy. With this comes loss of limb function, strength and any semblance of dexterity.

As if to try and scare me ALS leans in and wispers in my ear “I’m going to take everything from you, even your voice and your last breath.”

Ha! I burst out laughing… are you serious! I have teenagers! ALS cowards back into the receses of my mind, for now.

What is ALS? It is a marathon that you run with Death as your pacer. No rest or water breaks mile after mile. One can only feed on hope and love until you cross the finish line.


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