I can’t!

Maceo Carter, Husband, Father, living with ALS.

What do these words mean to you?

Pretty straight forward, right?

What if this statement had the potential to put your life at risk? Regardless of the events precipitating any loss of life by people of color, it is and continues to be tragic. Imagine a scenario like many others, but now insert a physical limitation preventing someone from complying with authorities.

This is precisely what Maceo is referring to in the image above. When I first saw this posted on Twitter, I exclaimed, “ Oh my God, thank you for sharing this troubling reality!”. However the more it simmered in my mind, I began to ask, “WTF is wrong with this world?”.

How is it that a person with an incurable, terminal condition, ALS, has to be concerned with such an ugly reality. I often say, “No one gets ALS until they get it”. Well Maceo, until I read your statement, I didn’t get it.

To have ALS is bad enough. To have treatments for ALS within reach, but denied is criminal.
But having ALS raise your risk of racially motivated harm is sickening.

Why, why, why…I Just Can’t!


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