Live With Abandon!

ALS: What does it demand?

Yes we know it demands physical functions and abilities, but what beyond this does it demand?

Do you have a moment?
Ok, thanks…

ALS demands of the person afflicted to abandon selfishness. It demands pALS to abandon Ego. It also demands us to abandon hopelessness; for all we are left with is hope.

Why selfishness? At the onset once we resign ourselves to this disease we in a sense want this disease to afflict not one more person. We want to not burden our loved ones with a protracted condition. On the other hand we want to please our loved ones by also being here and present with them. Don’t even get started on the selflessness of our caregivers/family.

Our Ego, well ALS is a big gut punch to our Ego. It brings us to our knees and humbles all in its presence. There isn’t much more to say about this, ALS strips you bare of any and all that you thought was important.

Hopelessness, at some point after feeling hopeless for some time, a shift happens. Hope begins to break to the surface. Why? We are left with nothing else. Currently no viable treatment, yet we fight by raising our voices, by just being obstinate enough to just be present daily. What if not hope and hope alone creates this drive.

So what is left? One choice in my eyes…

Live Life with Abandon!


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