Chemical Relationship

Recently in a post I made, regarding having a positive outlook, I was reminded that for many this just isn’t possible. This individual reminded me that it’s not as simple as putting on a smile. For some it takes medication in conjunction with other interventions. They were right obviously, in my desire to express the need for a healthy outlook, I unintentionally marginalized the many who require assistance in reaching a sustainable outlook. For this I did apologize, unintentional or not, it was the right thing to do.

Which brings me to this topic.

Worldwide there is a stigma that needing meds for navigating life’s complexities is considered, well, a weakness. I know first hand as do so many others, it simply and unequivocally takes more strength and courage to seek help.

My family is not immune from this. Having three children who suffered at the hands of their biological parents, we afford them every tool available. I’m willing to put myself out there to bring awareness. I take anxiety meds, not daily but as needed, when my mind just won’t relent it’s grip on me. I suspect, no, I know I will require more help as my ALS progresses, as do so many others.

ALS is just the personal reason I require a chemical relationship with myself. There are way too many reasons, intimately personal reasons, that others require a chemical relationship with themselves. Each of them beyond valid. If you don’t understand this, I’m sorry, your approval is not required.

Life with its steep dives and sharp turns requires that we use every tool at our disposal. It is a multifaceted condition, this life of ours; requiring a multifaceted approach to navigating it the best way we can.

Keep your seat belts on, what ever that may be, there are bumps ahead.


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