Conversation with ALS

Between Two Wheelchairs
Conversation with ALS this am.

Good morning, coffee?

-Oh thanks, but I don’t drink, anything for that matter, I cant.

Sorry I forgot, do you mind if I have some?

-Not at all, enjoy while you can…

So, you’ve been around for 150 yrs now?

-Well, actually I’ve been around much longer, but yes someone decided to call me ALS around that time.

Yes, and since that time no one has been able to develop a treatment or cure, why is that?

‐Well you see, to use current vernacular, it’s complicated, I’m being coy, sorry. But honestly I’m not going to divulge that. I’m a complex syndrome, an enigma of sorts.

Thats boastful, verging on arrogant, don’t you think?

-Well, what can I say, I continue to challenge and elude your brightest minds.

My next question, why do you vary so much from person to person?

-Oh, that’s a good one. Well I happen to be a multifaceted syndrome and given how complex you humans are, I have no choice but to tailor my assaults per person. However, I do hit it on the mark for some and I continue to show up over generations.

Yes, that’s called familial, and you are a curse on those families.

-I know, I don’t mean to be so horrible, its just in my gene’s, see what I did there…

Yeah, I’m not amused.
I’m not going to get anywhere with you, am I?

-Oh, I see what you did there!
Now who’s being coy?

Your impossible!

-Why thank you.

This conversation is done!

-Oh don’t cry, oh sorry that was insensitive, is it your PBA? You better walk away I can’t help myself, oops sorry, you see I can’t stop.

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