There are many throughout history such as philosophers, ultra successful individuals and public officials who state; when adversity hits you power through. In essence, break past or crash through the obstacle. Pull your boot straps and get to stepping. Pretty straight forward, right?

But, what if you can’t, not metaphorically but physically. What do you do when your body has betrayed you and taken all your physical capabilities to forge through lifes adversities.

Thse are the mental Olympics ALS patients find themselves facing as our condition progresses. We find ourselves having to choose a different path, one of introspection and mental calisthenics.

Some chose solitude and its comforting enrapture, like a blanket. Some chose to simply (nothing simple about it), live their life quietly, privately. Others chose a more visible path, publicly and openly, creating movements, large and small. Hoping to bring about meaningful change to this yet incurable disease. None of these paths are wrong, they are just very personal.

Everyday we wake and mentally exercise our will to live and be present. This is our version of crashing through adversity in our lives. Just simply (theres that word again), living. With no physical ability to release frustration, anger or even joy, we are left with … breathing.

Breathing through pain, anguish, guilt and all other human and primal minutia we live with. Every breath taking in life, another moment with loved ones. Every exhalation releasing the poison that can infest our soul.


Some of us have no choice but to do so at the rhythm of the vent…

Have a breath taking day!


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