Oh what a “detour” life has taken… with ALS.

Riding into my infusion a while ago we were on the highway I was looking off to the side, access roads and Beyond. And I realized that the majority of us are speeding along always rushing from one life event to another. Not noticing the community around us and all the potential experiences, to include all the lives around us. ALS, metaphorically speaking, is like a hit and run. You won’t know the extent of the damage until you take a deeper dive.

What this hit and run in fact forces you to do is look for alternative routs to your future. It changes your itinerary drastically and forces you to go places you never imagined you would, destinations such as:

*ALS Central Station, with destinations to slow progression, rapid progression, bulbar onset, peripheral onset and many more.
*The small town of Sleepless at Nite.
*Clinical Trialsville
*Of course the suburbs of alienation, guilt and resentment.
There are so many destinations you never thought you would visit. Lots of bumps on the way also…

Of course there are fun and memorable detours also, and you meet some amazing folks on the way.

Try like hell to get back on course, however one must resign themselve to enjoy the ride as best they can…


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