Don’t be afraid of me…

Don’t be afraid of me…

You see, I am now making strange sounds due to my ALS. When I yawn my whole body tenses up. My yawn can sound like a Wookiee distress call and my body lookes like I’ve been infected by a zombie virus. Trust me I’m not calling in a zombie hoard to attack you, its just my ALS.

When I eat, I sound like I am excessively savoring each morsel. Truth be told, I am, however the sounds are due to the effort it’s taking me to chew and not choke. You see my soft Palette and my throat are loosing functionality. This has lead to getting a PEG, a feeding tube. This is all normal for ALS… well normal is relative. So far I am still able to eat by employing safe eating techniques and morsel size.

When watching something emotionally charged my PBA kicks in and I will react. I can let out a whimper or groan, this sounds like the waterworks are about to start. Or I can laugh or snicker. I can not controll my reaction, or the intensity. So my family sits at the ready with tissues for my issues.

So don’t be afraid of me, I’m still in here. I’ve only been given an upgrade of new sound effects, don’t be jelly. We cant all be special…

There are a slew of other sounds but those are better left for primetime or around the campfire, LOL.


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