ALS Torment

Sitting here contemplating life, or whatever is on my mind, then it begins. A slightly discernible sensation, a tingle, just on the boundaries of your sensory perception. There it is again, more noticeable this time, on your arm, scalp or back. It doesn’t matter the location, it fills your heart with anxiety inducing dread. It’s an itch!

Your heart races, only a fraction slower than your mind, scenarios coursing through your synapses. Then the realization crashes down on you… there’s no one near you to help! Without the use of your hands, you can only anticipate the itch as it crescendos to a point that drowns out the world.

All that is left to do is ride the wave, breath and transport your mind elsewhere. Hoping the itch subsides quickly, relinquishing it’s grip on you. It begins to subside, you take a deep breath awaiting the sweet release from this tormentor. Suddenly you notice a familiar sensation elsewhere…

Nooooo, another itch!


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