Be Patient

Be patient with me…

My ALS has slowed me down considerably, I’m trying hard to keep up with you, but it’s not easy for me. My limbs don’t work as well anymore, while in my wheelchair it takes a moment to get my hand on the joystick, I’m coming. Yes I can still stand and transfer on my own, but be patient it takes me some effort, be patient while I exert what little independence I still have.

Please be patient as I speak, I know it’s hard to understand me sometimes. I heard you I’m replying to you, but be patient as I use my eyegaze to respond. Please don’t speak for me, give me a moment to answer, my tongue just takes a moment to get going.

I’m not ready for another bite, my tongue has trouble moving the food in my mouth. Ok, I’m ready for another bite, thanks for being patient with me.

I know it’s hard to see me like this but know I appreciate your love, support and most of all your patience. I will try to be patient with you also, but know that I may not be from time to time.

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