Just the two of us 🎼🎵🎶

Me and ALS…

We keep each other company. It with it’s incessant appetite and me with my unabashed optimism. Somehow it’s a ying to a yang, somehow. We learn from each other; ALS has taught me patience, understanding and an increased appreciation for life.

ALS learns that I don’t really give a sh*@ about it, that I am not going to give it more than it needs, whatever that is. ALS has also learned that as a community we are gunning for it, I remind it often, he-he.

Most of the time we just fling colorful insults at each other. Outwardly it may present like pseudobulbar, but it’s really just the two of us engaged in a sailors parley.

It’s a battle of wills, ALS takes physical abilities but it fails to breach my mind! I guess it helps to have a twisted maze of a mind. So, ALS and I will continue to mentally (telepathically) spar. Just ignore the squealing and crying, that’s ALS, the little bitch, can’t handle a good burn.

Hey keep it down! I hate it when ALS gets physical, Fasciculations, cramps etc…
It gets on my last nerve, it’s disconcerting when it’s quiet. I know it’s planning something.

Damned you ALS!

(Juan Reyes)

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